Necessity make your imagination work better.

Necessity make your imagination work better.

I was looking for an anvil to buy, Bur I couldn’t find one, only in internet, but the postage was so much, and this morning I decided to make one, we have a few old irons in the shed and I used one, cut the top with the angle grinder, clean the roast and “I have an anvil” in only two hours and for free…

By evarel

8 comments on “Necessity make your imagination work better.

  1. Over the past few years I issued myself a challenge to see if I could make whatever I was set out to purchase. It has made me look at everything differently and challenge the pre-conceived notion that everything has 1 set purpose in which it was sold for. I love your new anvil and how many can say they have one exactly like it? 🙂

    • Thank you, I love it too, At the moment it’s an unique piece 🙂 but I hope a lot of people will copy the idea, there are lots of things we have around and we don’t see then until necessity call us. we have many things in our workshops that we can use but it’s always easier to buy something than make it. This idea save me a lot of money and it’s pretty and very strong. 😉

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