A lot of names

ImageYesterday I was asking all of you for names for this pendant and I have a lot of answers:

The swirl in the middle kinda looks like the symbol for gratitude…so how about “my grateful heart”

Eerie wisdom?

It reminds me of a shield. So, I vote for The Shield. Yeah, I know…not a very sexy name. But I do like the idea of sheild pendant to protect your heart.

I kind of agree with Junebug Jewelry Designs. It does look like a shield. Perhaps, “Shielding My Heart” as a spin off of what she posted.

The island

The first word that came to mind as I looked at the lovely pendant was “unity” and the second was “united”.

Blessings ~ Wendy

This ones from WordPress, and this others from Facebook:

 Majo Rodríguez pues no tengo ni idea pero lo primero que me ha venido a la cabeza es “silencio”.. no se dar nombres a estas cosas pero por si te surve de algo jajajaj

Susi Se Enreda enlazados

InaRae Ussack totem?

Mark O’Sullivan call it Greek artifact. That’s what it looks like to me!

Guy Dalton ghostly owl

It is a big list, thank you everyone, now I have to chose one, may be I mix all of them

By evarel

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