It’s not finish…

It's not finish...

I didn’t weld it yet, and the body have to be more round, but I have all the pieces almost ready to the last step, now I have to buy silver soldering, that it’s not cheap to give the last real touch. What I didn’t think was if will be a pendant or a broach. Any suggestions?

By evarel

The Versatile Bloggers Award

The Versatile Bloggers Award

OMG I have won an award!!! Many thanks to who nominated me : )

The rules of this award are as follows;

Display said award logo on blog
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (Which I don’t know how to do properly!)
State seven things about yourself
Nominate 15 bloggers
Notify these mentioned bloggers
Now, seven things about me:
1. I’m the third of my parents six children, youngest of the old ones and oldest of the girls.
2. I have to wonderful children, a 26 years old girl and a 23 years old boy, my babies.
3. I married the first time at 19 years old and divorced at 27.
4. Now the sweet things about me, I was a builder, expert in ecological demolition and a gardener.
5. Now I can’t do my jobs any more and I change all my feminine jobs for the jewellery making.
6. I’m living the best time of my life, with a wonderful husband in a different country and making my jewels.

7. I forgot number 7, let see what I can say… I am a memory disaster 😉
O.K now for the nomination of 15 bloggers. These are all bloggers I love for different reasons so had to acknowledge them here;

By evarel

Proyecto Mariposa

Proyecto Mariposa

I manage to cut this pieces, after destroy a few blades and my fingers with the hammer, it’s so tiny. I want to make a butterfly, and I don’t want to wait an other week before the teacher say to me how to put the pieces together. I will cut the rest of the pieces and start with this new experiment, silver can be melted again….
I’ll be working in this piece until I have a butterfly or something similar.
Working with metal it’s so addictive, and I have not patience to be learning slowly. Let see what I can do with out my teacher.


Day 3 playing with metal in the school

Day 3 playing with metal in the school

Last week we didn’t have school, I spend my week flatting silver spoons from the charity shop to have pieces to cut
Yesterday when I come back at home my husband was laughing at me when he saw my new piece…
We was making shapes in the copper, learning to use the different hammers and mandrels, and we made an spoon.

By evarel

For my little 26 years old baby

For my little 26 years old baby

Andrea, my baby is a beautiful woman, a wonderful artist, and the best daughter, (I know, what I will say…) yesterday was her birthday and I decided to make something special. She always finish her signature with a little flower…
The pendant it’s made with Brass, Silver and Copper, the mix of the 3 metals was very nice and when she sow the piece she said “It Is me”, I was delighted with her face, she love it and that make me so happy…
Now that I have my lovely new bench and a few new tools, let see what I can do for my next project.

By evarel

My New Working Bench

My New Working Bench

Today my son made this fantastic bench for me, It’s not wonderful?
I already was working in it, making my daughter gift, It is her birthday, 26 years old… The time fly, fill like 4 days ago I had her in my arms to bring her at home, my first baby, so little, so cute, so fragile… and this happened 26 years ago, it’s difficult to believe.
Tomorrow I’ll post the photo of what I Made for her…

By evarel

Day 2 in the School

Day 2 in the School

Again with the handsaw, cutting this time inside first and outside after, the piece it’s one inch in all directions, was so difficult hold it hard with one hand and cut with the other, but I did, we was learning how to soft metals and give them different shapes, with the different hammers.
Yesterday, In the end of the lesson, I discovered I have a Spanish mate, we was speaking English to each other for two days… The teacher ask to us way, and was because we didn’t know that we was from the same country, How silly it’s that?

By evarel

A bit of sushine

A bit of sushine

Look like the spring it’s coming, here in Ireland the first of February it’s the first day of spring, the colors said yes, but the weather it’s not sure if want to give us sunshine, wind, rain, snow… In this country you can have the four seasons in one day. I really, really need the heat of the sun to charge my batteries.

By evarel



Last Friday I bought 15 pieces of very expensive silver cutlery (all for€ 1.50) in a charity shop, I couldn’t wait to next Wednesday to ask my teacher if was real silver. I started to play with a fork and it finished like this…

By evarel