It’s not finish…

It's not finish...

I didn’t weld it yet, and the body have to be more round, but I have all the pieces almost ready to the last step, now I have to buy silver soldering, that it’s not cheap to give the last real touch. What I didn’t think was if will be a pendant or a broach. Any suggestions?

By evarel

18 comments on “It’s not finish…

  1. Beautiful!! For such a small piece, your work and craftsmanship is wonderful! If you could attach a ring to the back somehow without disrupting the work you already did you could wear with a chain as a pendant… otherwise I would make it a broach!

  2. It’s so cute and tiny…I like it as a pendant, but you could make it be for either with the right clasp and eye attached. I would love to see the finished picture.

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