The school pieces

The school pieces

Last week in the school we only have theory, history of the Irish Silver, was very interesting, we went to the teacher workshop, amazing, we was allow to see diamonds, different types of gold, silver, white gold, platinum… But the best for me was when the other students was with the diamonds and the teacher ask me for my little butterfly, he was impressed with my work, he said to me that I need the design for my stamp and register my self as a silversmith, he will help me, that made me feel so proud of my self…
For the last few weeks my back decided to be in pain again, I can’t move to much, but that give me more time to be playing in my workshop, today I decided to do something with the pieces I made in the school, and they finish like that. What you think?

By evarel

12 comments on “The school pieces

  1. Te superas, Eva. ,! Qué pieza más bonita!
    Tu profe tiene razón, eres una alumna muuuuuuyyyy listísima.
    Un besito.

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