Eva Rodríguez

Eva Rodríguez. Not all of you can read in Spanish (google translater) we have a new section in the https://www.facebook.com/groups/artesanosporelmundo/ And I was the first victim of https://www.facebook.com/susiseenreda Susi It was fun, I hope all of you artisans of the world join us in this adventure

By evarel

4 comments on “Eva Rodríguez

    • No, tenemos muchas nacionalidades, los principales idiomas son espanhol e inglés y funciona muy bien, solicita la entrada y sienteté libre de publicar todo lo que quieras
      We have a lot of different nationalities the primary languages are Spanish and English, but we have Italian and portuguese, the group it’s working very good, join us and feel free to post your work

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