School it’s almost over

School it's almost over

After 9 weeks and with only one day left, I think I did learn a lot of silversmith skills.
This ring it’s very special, it’s for my mother, she is the most strong woman I never meet, She is fighting with a cancer for the last 10 years, and I love her so much, our relationship it’s impossible, I suppose because we are the same, like two train machines in opposite direction, but we love each other and that it’s the wonderful thing in our relation.
Last month, was her 70 Birthday and we couldn’t go to Spain for the celebrations, so I decided to give to her something special… I’ll give to her for her birthday, my birthday, and this beautiful ring. She don’t know we are going, this Saturday she is going to my sister house for lunch, and I’ll be there, we will celebrate my birthday and she will have the presents…
The ring it’s made with sterling Silver, 18 k gold and a beautiful diamond. I just finish it yesterday in the school.
I think my mother will be the happier woman in the world next Saturday, she deserve it.

By evarel

14 comments on “School it’s almost over

  1. Happy belated Birthday to You and to your Mom. I pray she is feeling better, and beats the cancer. The ring is beautiful, and so is your heart.

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