This days everyone that now me are giving to me old broken pieces of silver, to melt, I have enough to work for a good wile. But my daughter,last Saturday bring to me a lovely earring, was to beautiful to melt, but was only one, I decided to make a ring with it. She came today, so grumpy because her internet it’s not working, she was using my computer and I was working behind her… I asked her: do you love me? and she ask me, why, I said close your eyes, she did, now give to me your hand, she did, when she felt the ring in her finger…
I can make thousand of rings only to see that looking, that smile…
And the ring look so pretty in her hand

By evarel

14 comments on “Recycling

  1. Qué bonito Eva, esos sentimientos salen de una madre son total naturalidad.
    El anillo es precioso.
    Tienes un don.
    Y además ya me ganas en eso de reciclar, jajajaj.
    Un besazo guapa.

    • Gracias, si por ahora todo lo que hago en plata es reciclado, tengo que confesar que me lo paso en grande derritiendo cosas, claro que Mark no se lo pasa muy bien cuando me ve jugar con fuego dentro de casa, jajaja

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