The school it’s waiting for me again

The school it's waiting for me again

At the moment I’m very happy with my progress, But I want more… I’d apply for a place in the college to do the FETAC level 6 of Jewellery and Art Metal-craft and yesterday I had the interview, for my surprise, they was waiting for me and knew more about me than you can imagine, my silversmith teacher talk them wonderful thing about me. I did not have to apply for the vacant, they offered to me, they was impress with my progress in the silversmith course and delighted with my decision to do the big course. Because the school it’s to faraway from my house, they decided to make it easier for me, I don’t have to travel five days week, only four, because I have a workshop at home (and they knew it) I ca do the work experience in my house every Friday. And I don’t have to do the English obligatory examination, Amazing.
I’m so happy, I’ll be back to the school in September and when I finish, I can teach my skills to other people. I was happy with my progress, but I never believed my teacher was like that impressed with my work. Now I have to work very hard to pay him his faith on me. He will be proud…

By evarel