The complications of my first custom order

I never thought that made a custom order could be like that complicate…


My customer sow a piece in Facebook, thinking it was mine, she ask me to make a ring, I’d explain to her the piece wasn’t mine and was a pendant, she didn’t listen to me, she want that ring…

I decided to make a ring for her, of course my own design, when I was starting, she contact me again, now she want a tortoise as well, I have to make two rings.

The tortoise was more complicate that I thought, a lot of pieces very small, and if was not enough, she send me a photo of a tortoise ring and said, this is what I want… I had to explain again that I won’t make other people pieces, was like speak with a wall. She is a customer, but…

I’d take a deep breath and continuing making the rings, “with my own designs”, when I finish the first one…


She said to me, she thought was going to be round. like a band. Let’s try again…Finish the second ring and show it to her.Image

“But you didn’t understand to me, she said, I mind roundly…”  And other big deep breath and have another go. Yes, I made a third ring and I show it to her…


It is not the language, we speak Spanish, the bough of us, no, she wants that design she sow in the first moment…

At this stage, I don’t mind if she like the rings or not, I love the three of them, But I have learned an important lesson, I’m a jewellery maker and designer and if someone want my job, they will pay for it, a week of work for to make happy a customer have to be recompensed…     

By evarel

21 comments on “The complications of my first custom order

  1. I’m glad she finally got what she wanted, but it’s probably a good idea to take care of yourself in these situations. If possible, on custom orders, don’t hesitate to ask for a deposit. Typically the deposit in non-refundable. This ensures that if the customer isn’t happy with the piece, than you don’t lose out on the cost of materials. Make sure you have a consistent, written explanation of how and what types of custom orders you’ll take; post this on your web or blog site. Take care of yourself first, be clear, honest and consistent; then you’ll be able to do right by your customer, and hopefully have a smoother order in the future! : )

  2. Congratulations on your first custom order, Evarel! These designs are lovely. I have to agree with whisperingiris, though–you have to take care of yourself. For custom orders, I sketch the concept or rough in the work before I complete the project. In addition, if the materials are especially pricey (eg gold rather than silver, or expensive stones), I get a deposit after we’ve agreed on the design of the piece. Do what works best for you, but do take care to make the process easy and straightforward for yourself and your customers.

  3. Great work and great feedback above. We also make commissioned or bespoke pieces and always take a 50% deposit after deciding with customer what their piece will be. The rest is paid when work is complete and item is ready for post. Two years ago we made something as customer requested but she changed her mind and brought something else – the piece we made for her would never have sold to anyone else but thankfully we were able to change it from a ring to a pendant.

    • Muchisimas gracias, Nuria
      Toda la información que pueda conseguir es poca, estoy empezando y cuando no es una cosa, es la otra, al final siempre sale la venta de una forma o de otra, pero se que se puede hacer todo mas facil…
      Ahora solo me falta aprender, como. 😀

  4. You do beautiful jewelry work! I would count the unfortunate situation as a lesson learned. My thoughts on if a customer comes comes to me wanting an exact piece they saw, they should buy the piece from the original maker. If they just want something similar like as an idea only, ok I will make it my style, but I will not duplicate. I learned the hard way to get at least 50% deposit on all custom orders, my time and supplies are both valuable to me.

  5. Beautiful work, you are right about not recreating exactly what somebody else made… as artisans of hand-made work, our designs come from our heart and soul not a mass-produced factory! Each piece takes time to create.
    You did an amazing job, I personally love the 2nd ring!
    Custom orders can be challenging yet fun! 🙂

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