I’ll yearn them with all my heart.

I'll yearn them with all my heart.

2013 was a year to forget…
My parents was an example of love, they love each other from the first day they meet to the end of their life.
Mum after 10 years fighting with a cancer, the bog won the war. She was so beautiful woman and the strongest one I ever meet. the 26 of November I give to her my last kiss, a kiss without answer, she was dead, I will remember that kiss for the rest of my life like a knife in my heart. My mum was gone…
My Dad, my king, my knight with the shiny armer, my good, my example, my refuge, a man in love, I remember how he was looking to my mother, I never show a man with that much love in his eyes, he couldn’t live without the love of his life. He passed away the 5 of December. The last time I show hem was the Saturday before his dead. He huge me and said to me how proud he was of me and of my children, he say how much he was going to miss me and give me a warm and wonderful kiss.
We always think that is the life law, but you are never ready to reach this moments of your life. They was not old enough to live this life.
Mum, Dad I love you so much, I always did and I always will.

By evarel

12 comments on “I’ll yearn them with all my heart.

  1. Though I do not know you and only read your blog, my heart goes out to you. Every post you make, you do so with much emotion and you seem like a lovely lady. My prayers to you, your family, and your Mum and Dad.


  2. I’m new to your blog, but this post broke my heart. I lost my mom in 2011. It’s so bittersweet. Their pain is gone, our pain is like no other. What helps me is knowing she is with me. When I cook dinner, when I go out too late, when I see a beautiful sunrise. I hear her and see her in my mind, in my memories.

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