Hi, my name is Eva Rodriguez, yes, Spanish, Living in Ireland for the last 8 years With my marvelous husband, I have two children, no children any more, my son always ready to help and my daughter… she is my inspiration, all the jewellery I make I can see her wearing it…

I’m making jewellery from the last , OMG many years, but I’m not an expert, I love the process, play with the wire, mix the colors, start over and over again until  one of my pieces is done.

I just love my job and I like to learn a bit more every day

To find my pieces… http://www.etsy.com/shop/Evarel?ref=si_shop


22 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for being one of the first to like my blogs – every time I post!
    Its honestly so flattering! – Is you’ve seen my ShowReel I’d really apresciate any constructive criticism : like of hate the song, the images, not enough variety, or just love it!!

    • O’ it’s the same than ez in the end of RodriguEZ, to change should be O’Rodrigo, but I prefer my Spanish surname I’m the only Rodriguez in the area, the post always find me… hehehe 😀

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